Front End Submit with reCAPTCHA

Since version 2.3 of the Bonus Add-Ons

Sorry, but you have no permission to submit events.

The front end submit form is a bonus feature. The form is inserted into a page or post using the shortcode . The front end submit form contains a basic subset of the event features possible, excluding “hide” events, and images. Allowing recurring events on the front end submit is optional. The author of an…

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Since version 3.4.0

spiffy_upcoming_day_classes Specify additional classes to attach to the Upcoming Events day list item. spiffy_upcoming_day_date Modify the format of the date output for Upcoming Events. The month, day, and year are provided. The default format is the system date format specified on the Settings > General page.

Calendar Theme Customizer

This is a bonus feature

Style your calendar to match your website perfectly! The calendar theme customizer feature allows you to adjust the calendar colours in the WordPress customizer live preview. Within the live preview you can: select a theme specify a background image change the colours:  Header Background, Header Text, Arrows, Weekend Titles Background, Weekend Titles Text, Weekday Titles Background,…

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MailPoet Newsletters

Support has been added to insert a Spiffy upcoming events list into your MailPoet newsletters. The list is inserted using the standard spiffy-upcoming-list shortcode (with any optional arguments), in the following format: [custom:spiffy-upcoming-list style=”Expanded” limit=2] As of version 3.0.7, the expanded list view is always used in the newsletter.  

ICS Export

ICS export appears as a button below the calendar. You can view an example here. This will export the current displayed month. Note: the button only appears if there are events displayed in the calendar.

CampTix Integration

This is a bonus feature, available to those who donate to the project

CampTix integration is available as a bonus add-on. The CampTix plugin is written by the WordPress team, and is described as “an easy to use and flexible event ticketing plugin created by Allow visitors to purchase tickets to your online or offline event, directly from your WordPress website.” The CampTix plugin provides some nice…

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I upgraded to version 3 and now my events are not appearing There are several other plugins which use similar names in their calendar CSS. If you use one of these plugins, it might cause your Spiffy events to be hidden from display. To remove the conflict, try adding this to your CSS: .spiffy .calnk…

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Overview of Features

Spiffy Calendar provides an abundance features without the need for overly complex configuration. Shortcodes Standard monthly calendar grid Mini-calendar view for compact displays Weekly calendar grid Today’s events list Upcoming events list Widgets Featured event Today’s events list Upcoming events list Mini Calendar Other Features Displays may be filtered by category list Mouse-over details for…

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Premium Themes

Premium themes will be continually added. The following themes are currently available.

CSS Snippets

The following CSS snippets can be added to your custom CSS styles on the Spiffy Calendar options page. Calendar Image size If you have detailed display enabled, and find that the images are larger than the squares on small screens, the following code snippet can be used. Adjust the 700px value to whatever works best for…

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