Version 3.5.7

This version of the plugin converts all text fields in the Spiffy Calendar tables to utf8_general_ci to properly support Hebrew.

Version 3.5.5

Fix some translation files became corrupted, restored to the values from version 3.4.2

Version 3.5.4

This version of the core plugin contains an improvement, saving the scroll position of the visitor when they move to a new month on the calendar.

Version 3.5.3

This version contains a fix to an unmatched HTML tag in the expanded upcoming events list.

Version 3.5.2

This version of the calendar fixes a problem with the hover/popups on an iphone. This was broken in version 3.5.0 but should hopefully be working correctly again. Please contact us if you find any mobile device/browser combination that doesn’t work properly.

Version 3.5.1

This maintenance release fixes a problem that slipped in to the last release. Fix: table creation on new install Fix: admin message highlighting

New release of Spiffy Calendar and the Bonus Add-Ons

The most recent releases of the plugins contain some exciting new features: Spiffy Calendar Version 3.5.0 New: option to make the full size calendar responsive New: HTML/CSS edits for better validation and responsiveness! If you added custom CSS please check that you are still getting the expected result. New: allow titles up to 60 chars…

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Spiffy Calendar Version 3.4.2

Version 3.4.2 Fix: edit of event with blank time Version 3.4.1 Fix: titles for upcoming and today’s widgets, broken in Version 3.4.0 Minor: allow blank authors for frontend submit (upcoming bonus feature) Minor: edits to remove PHP warnings Minor: update some error message text

Version 2.2 of the Bonus Add-Ons is now available

This version provides some small changes: Move shortcode generator to main Spiffy Calendar plugin version 3.4.0 Remove extraneous code from customizer Check for presence of main plugin before including bonus code

Version 3.4.0 of Spiffy Calendar is now available

Version 3.4.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements: New: option to display today’s date with the Today’s Events list New: option to display a message if no events are found in the Today’s Events list and the Upcoming Events list New: option to display week number on full size calendar New: allow…

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