Version 3.6.2

This version of the core plugin contains a correction to the front end submit.

Core Maintenance Release 3.6.1

This small maintenance release of the core Spiffy Calendar plugin contains 2 updates: Fixes the add/edit event tab for non-admins New, rough in bonus tabs

Core Plugin Version 3.6.0

This version of Spiffy Calendar contains some new features and one fix. New: add search to the event list, moved event add/edit to a new tab New: use category color on minical popup event title Fix: minicalendar paging on blog posts/archive pages

Core plugin maintenance release 3.5.11

This version of the plugin contains a change to the default CSS for key table to display properly on themes with zero padding table cells.

Maintenance Release of the Core and Bonus Plugins

Today’s release of the Spiffy Plugins suite contains some improvements in loading CSS, and displaying and managing categories. Core Plugin 3.5.10 (February 9, 2018) Tweak: modify category key table CSS to display categories in a single row Tweak: add notice on category setting page if categories are disabled Tweak: only enqueue frontend scripts and styles…

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New features in the core and bonus plugins

Core version 3.5.9 and Bonus version 2.6

Today’s release contains some new features as well as some minor tweaks to improve the code. The core (free) version of the plugin now supports a new shortcode – spiffy-week. This will display one week of the calendar at a time, with arrows to navigate to the previous and next weeks. The bonus (paid) version…

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Version 3.5.7

This version of the pluginĀ converts all text fields in the Spiffy Calendar tables to utf8_general_ci to properly support Hebrew.

Version 3.5.5

Fix some translation files that became corrupted, restored to the values from version 3.4.2

Version 3.5.4

This version of the core plugin contains an improvement, saving the scroll position of the visitor when they move to a new month on the calendar.

Version 3.5.3

This version contains a fix to an unmatched HTML tag in the expanded upcoming events list.