Spiffy Calendar Version 3.4.2

Version 3.4.2 Fix: edit of event with blank time Version 3.4.1 Fix: titles for upcoming and today’s widgets, broken in Version 3.4.0 Minor: allow blank authors for frontend submit (upcoming bonus feature) Minor: edits to remove PHP warnings Minor: update some error message text

Version 2.2 of the Bonus Add-Ons is now available

This version provides some small changes: Move shortcode generator to main Spiffy Calendar plugin version 3.4.0 Remove extraneous code from customizer Check for presence of main plugin before including bonus code

Version 3.4.0 of Spiffy Calendar is now available

Version 3.4.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements: New: option to display today’s date with the Today’s Events list New: option to display a message if no events are found in the Today’s Events list and the Upcoming Events list New: option to display week number on full size calendar New: allow…

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Version 3.3.0

Version 3.3.0 of the plugin has just been released. This version removes a Reflected Cross Site Scripting vulnerability. Many thanks to Dimitrios Tsagkarakis for responsible disclosure.

Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 of the plugin has just been released. This version adds a new option to allow an expanded popup window containing the event image and description on the mini calendar.

Calendar Theme Customizer

This is a bonus feature

Style your calendar to match your website perfectly! The calendar theme customizer feature allows you to adjust the calendar colours in the WordPress customizer live preview. Within the live preview you can: select a theme specify a background image change the colours:  Header Background, Header Text, Arrows, Weekend Titles Background, Weekend Titles Text, Weekday Titles Background,…

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Version 3.1.3

This version contains a fix to set the default author of new events to the logged in user.

Version 3.1.2

This version contains a fix so that administrators can assign an author to an event when it is created.  

Version 3.1.1 Released

This release fixes the author display name fix for WP versions lower than 4.5, cleans up a couple of minor php notices and updates the languages .pot file.

Version 3.1.0 Released

Changes included in this release: New: option to limit non-admin event managers to handling their own events only New: event managers with full admin privileges can modify the author of an event Improvement: Honour the user post reassignment selection (if available) on spiffy events when a user is deleted