New release of Spiffy Calendar and the Bonus Add-Ons

The most recent releases of the plugins contain some exciting new features:

Spiffy Calendar Version 3.5.0

  • New: option to make the full size calendar responsive
  • New: HTML/CSS edits for better validation and responsiveness! If you added custom CSS please check that you are still getting the expected result.
  • New: allow titles up to 60 chars
  • New: mini-calendar will now support links from the event title in the popup
  • New: add new bonus front end submit shortcode to the generator
  • New: add class to weekday headings row
  • New: updated default CSS to allow popups to remain open on hover
  • New: allow infinite recurrence of custom days recurring events
  • Fix: problem when updating the database format and there are no existing events
  • Improvement: add script to force correct entries for custom days recurrence
  • Improvement: add some sanity checks to option input
  • Improvement: remove touch device onclick code, default behaviour now works better
  • Improvement: display the WP db error message if event edit fails to aid in diagnosing the problem
  • Update plugin domain

Bonus Add-Ons Version 2.5

  • Changes to premium themes to support main plugin html/CSS updates
  • New: allow setting of responsive width in customizer
  • Fix: customizer of arrow color for some themes didn’t work
  • Fix: delete customizer options when plugin is deleted